Ordering Details

There are some things to consider when making a personalized plate. I have tried to put some suggestions here but I am always open to new ideas and thoughts.  Since I make all the pieces from scratch, I can do just about anything you  come up with- such as a club motto, clan badge or favorite saying.There is a $10 design fee applied to custom artwork.

Do you have an old plate design you’d like to use? This is not usually a problem as long as you can send me a good color photocopy. I do not repair old plates however. It is impossible for me to match the clay and glazes that were used.

All pieces are made by me. My husband does help make my liquid clay slip. You should allow at least 4 – 6 weeks for your order to be hand-carved, painted, glazed and kiln fired twice.Rush orders are $10 extra.

I will ship Priority Mail through the US Post Office anywhere in the United States for a $10 shipping fee per plate. Shipping for platters is $20 each and tiles and tea dishes are $6 each. Orders being shipped to CA and the west coast are slightly higher.

If you want to order a personalized birth, wedding, anniversary, etc. plate, this is all I need to get started-

The Plate #

Each plate in my gallery has a corresponding design number. When ordering, please use this number to specify what design you would like.

The Names

example: Jessie and Royce
Jessie and Royce Adams
Jessie Delaney and Royce Adams
Try to think about how formal the couple is or how they like to be known

The Date

You can have the day of the week on the baby plate – Tuesday, October 5, 1987

The Back of The Plate

Do you want anything written on the back? – this is done with black ink and space is limited
example – a small verse or who the plate is from

Birth Details

weight, length and time of birth on the 10″ baby plate

Contact Information

Your contact information – name, phone # and email
When thinking about the Family Tree plate-
how many names do you want on it
how many generations
do you want birth dates

This is such a personal piece and there are so many options to consider. Please contact me and I will help you decide on the perfect combination for your plate. 
If you’d like to order one of the non-personalized pieces, most of the time these will take just as long as the other plates but I will sometimes have them in stock. I will let you know when you contact me.

Jody Pagden
417 Franklin Ave
Cheltenham, PA 19012-2029

Although every effort is made to achieve perfection, slight imperfections or color variations are characteristics of handcrafted pieces.